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Surf Club

That  is the perfect combination for anyone looking to improve their surfing level and have fun.


surf camp

This package is made to take surf lessons with all the necessary equipment. All levels are welcome and our team will accompany you and help you every day with everything you need to make the most of this experience.

Surf & Yoga Camp

This package is made to have surf and yoga classes aimed at surfing. Included all equipment for surf lessons. 


in your time

Choose a date and organize a Surf Trip with your friends. Our Surf Camp is open all year and with special conditions for groups. 


Co-Work & Surf

Ideal for digital nomads who want to learn to surf or improve their surfing skills, relax on beautiful beaches and experience the good vibes of a surf hostel. Our coworking space features 12 worktables, air conditioning, coffee maker and high-speed internet.

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