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5 activities in Barra da Lagoa

It's not news that Barra da Lagoa is one of the most beautiful corners of greater Florianópolis. In addition to being a neighborhood marked by culture and beautiful landscapes, it is also an ideal environment for that family trip, with friends or even alone. Thinking about it, we separated 5 activities to do in Barra da Lagoa. Keep on reading!

1- Surf

Surfing is a very common sport in the city of Florianópolis, thanks to the sea that allows the performance of the activity. In addition, Barra da Lagoa is one of the most recommended beaches for those who are starting the sport, for example. You will find several surf schools that facilitate this initiation process, offering all the necessary material and support, such as: - Long john (rubber suit); - Board; - Lash; - Theoretical and practical classes.

2- Trails

It is difficult to visit the beautiful Ilha da Magia and not enjoy at least one of its famous trails. In Barra da Lagoa there are several trails of easy and medium level, with easy access and the reward of a beautiful view at the end of them. You can find out more about trails through this link: The best trails in Florianópolis.

3- Practicing a foreign language

Another great advantage in this region of the island is that you can find accommodation options that allow you to access diversity. Hostels are one of the options where you have the opportunity to immerse yourself in other cultures, from cuisine to vocabulary and customs. What a great opportunity to improve communication in other languages.

4- Yoga

Practicing yoga is one of the most essential activities for the well-being of any human being, but it is not always so easy to include this activity in your routine. Therefore, including it in your travel schedule can be the first step towards a healthier life. At Sea Wolf, located in Barra da Lagoa, you can find daily yoga classes. Can you imagine taking advantage of a late afternoon practice enjoying a sunset around here?

5- Fun

There's no way to talk about vacations and travel without thinking about fun, right? In addition to trails, surfing, yoga and interaction, you will find options for fun parties and tours to complement the trip and make this moment even more special.

Come to Sea Wolf!

Sea Wolf Surf Hostel is located in Barra da Lagoa and offers all these activities and much more, come experience it too. It will be awesome to have you here! Also access 7 {+1} Curiosities about surfing and learn more!

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