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Barra da Lagoa: The Best Beach to Learn Surfing in Florianópolis

Barra da Lagoa Beach has everything to be the perfect place for you to learn surfing in Florianópolis. That's why sports enthusiasts need to visit this destination, which has become a must-visit for many surfers.

The Island of Magic is one of the best places in Brazil for the practice of surfing. After all, our beaches are enchanting and offer everything a surfer seeks for their adventurous days.

In this text, we will show you a little more about Barra da Lagoa, so grab your surfboard and come discover the surfers' haven. Enjoy the read!

Get to know Barra da Lagoa

Our beloved Barra da Lagoa Beach is a destination that provides tranquility, relaxation, and peace for its visitors. Despite being a small beach, it has the perfect infrastructure to welcome its visitors.

It's no wonder that surfers love this place. Besides the calmness for practicing the sport, you can also find excellent waves for both beginners and intermediate surfers.

For more advanced surfers, the great location of the beach allows you to enjoy stronger waves at Praia Mole, for example, which is approximately 5 minutes away from Barra da Lagoa and is a good place to perfect your surfing skills in Florianópolis.

Advantages of learning to surf in Florianópolis

Among the advantages of choosing Barra da Lagoa for surfing is the city's strong connection to the sport. Here, you'll come across numerous people passionate about surfing in every corner.

For this reason, you can find all the necessary equipment for your wave-filled fun, whether to rent or buy. Thus, your only concern is packing your bags and coming to enjoy yourself!

Furthermore, another benefit of choosing our beach to learn surfing in Florianópolis is that you can fulfill your dream of developing your skills in the sport in a laid-back manner and experiencing an incredible time in a city where people understand the subject.

A place made for surfers

As you could see, Barra da Lagoa Beach was made for surf enthusiasts. Our beach offers the adrenaline of surfing in Florianópolis, with lessons for those who want to learn, fun for day and night, and well-deserved rest after a day of riding the waves.

Here, you'll feel at home, make friends with those who also love the sea, and take advantage of the many alternatives for your days in Barra da Lagoa.

Learn to surf in Florianópolis with Sea Wolf Surf Hostel

It's time for you to experience Barra da Lagoa as a true surfing lover, and Sea Wolf Surf Hostel is waiting for you here!

In our accommodation, along with a perfect place to stay during your time on the Island of Magic, you'll have access to the Surf Camp, our exclusive package that combines the comfort of our hostel with incredible surf lessons from the best professionals.

With the Surf Camp, you'll learn a lot through lessons that will make you never want to leave the surfboard, including:

  • Accommodation with breakfast

  • Lessons with a qualified instructor at different beaches

  • Daily free surf sessions

  • Video analysis of your progress

Are you ready to fulfill your dream of learning to surf in Florianópolis at the best beach on the Island of Magic? Click here and join us on this adventure!

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