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Discover your accommodation in Florianopolis with surf lesson packages

Updated: Jul 20, 2023

If you're passionate about surfing, you've probably thought about staying in Florianopolis at a place that offers exclusive surf lessons for its guests, right?

Choosing this type of accommodation for your trip to the Magic Island can make your surfing experience even more special and unique. In addition to staying at a place that understands surfers, you can also improve your skills in the sport.

Let's talk more about this topic. Continue reading here and let's unravel the mysteries of this theme!

Surf in Floripa

Florianopolis is one of the most popular destinations for surfers from around the world, and it's not without reason. Along the coast of Santa Catarina, you'll find the best beaches to practice and have a lot of fun on your surfboard.

There are many beach options, which allows you to choose the one that suits you and your type of surfing the most. All of them have incredible waves, crystal-clear waters, and stunning landscapes that make everything even more captivating.

Barra da Lagoa Beach is a prime example of this and is one of the most chosen locations by surfers because it has everything you need to learn and practice. Besides, the city has excellent infrastructure to welcome visitors and is a great alternative for accommodation in Floripa, especially on a perfect surf beach.

Choose accommodation in Florianopolis designed for surfers

And let's agree that there's nothing better than staying at a place where you feel at home, that understands your lifestyle and preferences. Therefore, when choosing accommodation in Florianopolis, look for a place that is all about surfing.

In accommodations that offer surf lesson packages, for example, you can enjoy the comfort of the place to rest after a whole day of practicing with professionals in the field. In other words, whether you're a beginner or advanced in the sport, you can take advantage of the opportunity to learn and stay in the same place.

Advantages of accommodation in Florianopolis with surf lessons

When you choose to stay at a place that already offers surf lesson packages, you guarantee advantages that you won't find with separate services, such as:

  • Great value for money, avoiding unnecessary expenses by hiring lessons and accommodation separately;

  • Convenience in choosing the types of lessons you need according to the days you'll be staying;

  • Comfort in not having to worry about equipment since they are included in the package;

  • Assurance of accommodation that understands you and matches your love for surfing;

  • Possibility of making friends who are in tune with you, participating in the lessons and enjoying the same accommodation.

Come to the Surf Camp at Sea Wolf

As you've seen, choosing accommodation in Florianopolis with surf lesson packages offers many benefits to your experience. And at Sea Wolf Surf Hostel, it gets even better!

In our accommodation, you'll find the Surf Camp, our package that combines a complete and cozy stay at Barra da Lagoa Beach with surf lessons from incredible professionals.

This way, you can put all your skills on the board into practice in lessons ranging from beginner to advanced, enjoying special days filled with learning and the perfect comfort to take advantage of all the advantages mentioned above.

Click here and make your reservation now, come and enjoy plenty of adventure in Floripa with the Surf Camp at Sea Wolf!

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