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Hostel, Inn, or Hotel: Where to Stay in Florianópolis

Are you planning a trip and unsure of where to stay in Florianópolis? Which option is more comfortable? Which offers the best value for your money? Hostel, inn, or hotel? Which one suits your trip better?

There are many considerations when planning a trip, and we understand that. We also know that for a perfect trip, choosing the right accommodation is essential to ensure that everything goes as planned.

That's why we have prepared this text to help you choose the best type of accommodation for your next trip to Florianópolis. Keep reading!


Hostels are a more affordable form of accommodation that offers shared spaces, such as dormitories, bathrooms, or kitchens, providing great value for travelers.

For example, here at Sea Wolf Surf Hostel, we offer dormitory-style rooms, but we also have private accommodations, all with the necessary comfort for your stay. Even in shared rooms, you'll find privacy, as they are divided into female or mixed accommodations, each with curtains, power outlets, and lockers for each guest.

Moreover, hostels are great choices for those who want to meet new people, experience different cultures, and share moments with fun people who share the same interests. In our hostel, you'll find many surfers, making it ideal for striking up a conversation and finding a surfing buddy.


For those looking for a place to stay in Florianópolis, inns tend to offer a more homely atmosphere, providing more intimate moments with informal and personal service. Some inns even have a certain theme in their decoration.

They are usually chosen by those traveling with family due to the homely environment, which provides more comfort for larger groups of people.


Unlike hostels and inns, hotels provide a more formal and standardized service, with less personalization. Generally, they have higher costs and, in some cases, also serve as venues for events.

Hotels also tend to offer leisure areas and services such as laundry, spa, and recreation, but each hotel has its specific characteristics.

Have you decided where to stay in Florianópolis?

Now that you know the difference between a hostel, inn, and hotel, do you know where to stay in Florianópolis?

As mentioned before, Sea Wolf Surf Hostel is a great option for those looking for complete accommodation with excellent value for money and comfort during your stay on the Magic Island.

Here at Sea Wolf, you can enjoy a delicious breakfast to start your day, a balcony to enjoy the sea breeze, a coworking space, and a bar with cold drinks for everyone's enjoyment.

And of course, we can't forget about our privileged location, right in front of Barra da Lagoa Beach, with the ideal infrastructure nearby for your stay and proximity to various attractions in the region.

We also offer special services for those passionate about the world of surfing, just like us. In our hostel, you can enjoy cozy accommodation and fulfill your dream of learning to surf or even improve your skills on the waves.

We provide surf lessons and exclusive travel packages for group or individual learning, offering a true experience for avid surfers. All our lessons are conducted by the best professionals in the field, so you'll leave feeling like a surf pro!

Click here to book your accommodation and come experience this exciting adventure with us. We are looking forward to your stay!

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