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Parties in Florianópolis

Who doesn't like a good party when they go on vacation, right?! Here are some tips for places to go out in some parts of our dear and festive Ilha da Magia. BARRA DA LAGOA 1) Sea Wolf Surf Hostel Of course we couldn't not mention who?! Ourselves!!! That's it my friend and my friend! Here at Sea Wolf Surf Hostel there is rolezinho with Latin music on Mondays and our famous Reggae Rock Chilli Peppers party with the best current and eternally current hits of national Reggae, Rock and Samba. The rolezinho starts at 7pm and goes on until midnight, with double caipirinha from our dear Rose until 9pm. Come closer!!! 2) The Search House How not to mention these dear friends, a source of inspiration for all of us. The Search House promotes the best parties in Barra da Lagoa, with national and international shows, Heineken beer always cracking and tasty snacks for all the crowd. 3) Vereda Tropical Veredas, as it is known by the crowd, promotes parties for local, national and even international artists in its space by the sea in Barra da Lagoa. High rolls! JOAQUINA BEACH 1) Bar de Raiz One of the darlings of the Sea Wolf Surf Hostel crowd, the root bar promotes a night of forró on Tuesdays and on Thursdays the hip-hop party that always rocks. Prices are fair and the crowd is awesome! PRAIA MOLE 1) Selina These guy are good! There's always a buzz there. It can be at the beach bar, in the basement or inside Selina itself, the crowd is always excited to promote an organized mess.


1) Pantai Now let's talk about friendship. These guys are our friends and partners and we highly recommend their space for those who want a more alternative vibe, with good music, in a conscious and relaxed environment. You can go, the fun is guaranteed! 2) Bar do Boni This traditional Florianópolis bar has been open since before I was born, I think, and continues in the same footprint of live music, events, delicious snacks and cold beer. Every day there is a buzz in our dear Bar do Boni. 3) Living This new space, where our beloved and unforgettable Casa de Noca used to be, came with a different proposal of a more upscale clubbing environment. We are all curious and very supportive of this project. Free listings until midnight at the Sea Wolf Surf Hostel reception. 4) John Bull Pub Sometimes I go there and meet my father's friends singing "I'm a bum I confess, from the class of 71..." (who is from the island knows!). Other times I arrive and see my cousin who has just taken out his driver's license. John Bull is and always has been for the entire race. Everyone meets here. Oldest to youngest, new music to old music, father, son, grandson, and so on. Seriously now, John has been making Floripa nights a better place for many, many years, with good music, lively people in a place that follows the standards of Irish pubs. We highly recommend it! 5) Bar do Espartano New space opened on Avenida da Rendeiras. It's booming! Live music, DJ, drinks, beers and views of Lagoa. 6) Humbuk Park I'm suspicious of talking because I always go, but Humbuk is awesome. Massive place, with lively people, good music, good food, good and affordable beer, well-made drinks. All the best! 7) LayBack Park Here you have everything, music, food, skateboarding, shops, beer, drinks. Come and see that it's worth it. 8) Dust Pub Sertanejo It just opened in December and the crowd is already talking about this new product at Lagoa da Conceição. Now we have a Sertanejo Pub. Looks like it's going to bomb! 9) Santa Club Lagoa Santa rocks the nights of Lagoa da Conceição with the best of pop and Latin music. For those who want a more lively feel, this is the place to go out. 10) Araçá Botequim Enjoy a more cult environment with good music, beautiful people, great drinks and beers. Araçá Botequim is the place for you then. Go there, it's worth it!


1) P12 The famous p12 in international jurerê has a really impressive structure. With several pools, huge tents, all located in front of the beach, the space stands out for the level of service and attractions it brings to Florianópolis. For those who enjoy a more elite space and don't mind paying for it, the P12 is the perfect place. 2) Stage Music Park This complex that involves several clubs is the playground of those who enjoy a good night out. Here you will find pop music, concerts, electronic music and more. Go to their website to find out more about the attractions. 3) Terraza Great environment for those who enjoy quality electronic music. It is worth checking.

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