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What to do in Florianópolis: 7 outdoor sports and activities for you

You probably already know that the coastline of Santa Catarina is enchanting, but what can you do in Florianópolis to make the most of this charming destination?

Our beloved Magic Island has numerous paradisiacal beaches, attractions for all tastes, entertainment, nightlife, and much more. But besides that, Floripa is also the perfect place for sports and outdoor activities lovers.

Check out the following 7 options that you can practice here and embark on incredible days in this destination. Let's dive into the reading!

1. Surfing

When considering what to do in Florianópolis, it is impossible to leave out surfing. We have incredible beaches with perfect waves for those who wish to experience riding the waves.

At Sea Wolf, you can even stay at our hostel in Barra da Lagoa Beach and take surf lessons with our professionals, whether you are a beginner or have some experience. Click here and discover our offerings!

2. Kitesurfing

A combination of surfing, windsurfing, and wakeboarding, kitesurfing provides incredible moments and that feeling of freedom and excitement. Here, the waves and winds frequently collaborate for those who wish to enjoy this experience at sea.

3. Yoga

The practice of yoga offers various health benefits, and doing it with the sound of the waves amidst the tranquility of nature is indescribable! At Sea Wolf Surf Hostel, we also offer this modality, combining surfing and yoga in a unique experience of connection and well-being.

4. Windsurfing

As the name suggests, it is a combination of sailing and surfing, and windsurfing is the perfect sport to practice in calmer waters, such as Lagoa da Conceição, for example. With the support of the wind and the guidance of your body, you can sail around while admiring the local scenery.

5. Diving

If you're looking for things to do in Florianópolis and enjoy adventures in the sea, here you can explore the beauty of marine life, observing the local fauna and flora, amidst fish, corals, and turtles. You can choose between scuba diving with cylinders or snorkeling.

6. Hiking

A walk through the preserved nature of the Magic Island is quite enjoyable, isn't it? Here, there is no shortage of hiking options for you to embark on, with varying levels of difficulty. You can also enjoy the breathtaking views of the region from some of these trails.

7. Paragliding

For those seeking high-altitude activities in Florianópolis, paragliding is the perfect adrenaline rush for those who have always dreamed of flying and experiencing this unforgettable adventure. In Floripa, you can enjoy this moment and fulfill this dream once and for all.

Come and experience these adventures with Sea Wolf Surf Hostel

As you can see, there are many options for what to do in Florianópolis, and options are also abundant here at Sea Wolf!

We offer a complete experience of accommodation and outdoor activities. Here, you can enjoy incredible days of relaxation in a hostel with shared and private rooms, breakfast, kitchen, and bar.

In addition, we also offer surf lessons, surf camps, and surf and yoga classes, all so that you can practice your favorite sport with the necessary support from our team, here in Barra da Lagoa.

Click here to inquire about availability and come enjoy amazing moments with us!

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