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Why stay at Sea Wolf? Get to know a little more about our culture!

Getting out of the routine is essential, especially if you prioritize your health and well-being, but we know that it is not so easy to do that.

In addition to the will, it requires planning since there is a structured gear according to your commitments and the routine serves to reconcile them in the best possible way. Therefore, enjoying your vacation in the best possible way can be an option. Can you imagine playing sports that you've always admired and never had the courage to do? Meet people from all over the world and stay in an infrastructure in front of the beach? That's what happens when you stay at Sea Wolf. Also, get to know 5 reasons for you to stay at Sea Wolf. Keep on reading!


1- Beachfront Hostel

It doesn't make sense to waste hours of traffic on vacation, does it? To solve this problem is simple: choose a hostel standing on the sand, like Sea Wolf. In addition, nothing like waking up to the sound of waves, having access to trails 20 minutes from your accommodation and moving on foot to practice your favorite sport, whether surfing, volleyball or football. That's because Sea Wolf, in addition to being a beachfront hostel, is located in Barra da Lagoa, which has diversified activities on all sides and, most importantly, engaged people who are also looking for the same as you! By the way, if your concern is about being alone on a trip, you can rest assured, because Sea Wolf has diversity. Learn more in the next topic!

2- Alone, but not alone

As we mentioned in the previous topic, the biggest attraction of a hostel is the possibility of meeting people from many different places. In addition to meeting people, you will get to know different cultures and customs that come in each one's baggage... A diverse mix and an experience, without a doubt, very enriching. At Sea Wolf we receive people from all regions of Brazil and the whole world. Above all, it is also a great opportunity to learn new languages ​​through contact with the best possible teachers: native speakers of the respective language.


3- Enjoy a paradisiacal nature

Nothing like nature to restore your energies and provide you with the purest connection with yourself. That's why traveling to a place with a lot of nature can be the best choice of your life. Sea Wolf provides that and much more. Because it is located on one of the most acclaimed islands in Brazil, with preserved nature and specifically in one of the most conserved neighborhoods by the natives. Sea Wolf has a true paradise. In addition to the beaches, there are trails and one of the most popular natural pools in Florianópolis that are about 20 minutes from the hostel. All the best, isn't it? But, in addition, you have the opportunity to experience a true surf immersion.


4-Immersion in surfing

We usually say that at Sea Wolf you can breathe surf. That's because you have access to surf lessons daily, with specialized and highly trained professionals, ready to teach you how to surf from scratch! Furthermore, the people who run Sea Wolf have been surfing since childhood, which could not be different. At Sea Wolf there are several surfing modalities, from individual or group lessons, Surf Trip, Surf Yoga Camp, among others and for all surfing levels, so there is no problem if you know how to surf or not. You can count on us to live this immersion, it will be awesome to have you here!


5- Nature & the sea

In addition to all the benefits of being in a hostel standing on the sand, caring for our great mother is also part of the Sea Wolf culture. Beach cleaning action: Every month there is an action in which Sea Wolf receives volunteers from all over the world to carry out a beach cleaning action. Volunteers, who apply through the World Packers platform, stay at the hostel for a weekend. In addition to the action, volunteers also enjoy everything the hostel offers, from accommodation to surfing, yoga and a lot of interaction. Trash is serious business! Therefore, care with garbage and proper separation is a rule at the hostel. No rubbish in the wrong place. Let's take care of the planet!


Here you have a complete experience!

Come to Sea Wolf and enjoy the best that life has to offer. You deserve it all! Also access 5 Activities in Barra da Lagoa and get to know this little piece of paradise where Sea Wolf is located!

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