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Exploring Barra da Lagoa: Download the Exclusive Sea Wolf Surf Hostel Guide!

Hello, explorers! Sea Wolf Surf Hostel is pleased to present a meticulously crafted guide, focused entirely on the enchanting Barra da Lagoa region of Florianópolis. We are excited to share with you the “Sea Wolf Guide to Barra da Lagoa”, your key to unlocking an unforgettable experience in this piece of paradise!

What to Expect from the Guide:
  • Unmissable Activities: From swimming in crystal clear waters to surfing lessons and boat trips, our guide highlights the best activities for you to make the most of.

  • Stunning Locations: Explore local culture, discover hidden trails and tourist attractions that are true treasures of Barra da Lagoa.

  • Exceptional Gastronomy: We suggest fantastic restaurants and secret corners where local cuisine shines, providing a feast of authentic flavors.

  • Practical Information: Useful tips and valuable information to facilitate your navigation and ensure a peaceful and pleasant visit to the region.

How to download:

Ready for adventure? Access the Sea Wolf Guide to Barra da Lagoa and download your copy for free right now at the link below!

(EN) Guia Barra da Lagoa e Região by Sea Wolf (1)
Download PDF • 19.89MB


Barra da Lagoa is a destination full of magic and natural beauty, and our guide is here to help you discover every fascinating aspect of this incredible area. At Sea Wolf Surf Hostel, we are committed to providing you with a stay full of discovery, joy and incredible surfing!

Come live Barra da Lagoa with us! 🌊🏄‍♀️

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