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Restaurants we recommend

So, where are we going to have lunch today? And our dinner, will it be in Barra da Lagoa or are we going to Lagoa da Conceição? Here are some tips for you who are staying at Sea Wolf Surf Hostel in Barra da Lagoa in Florianópolis and still have these doubts. LUNCH:

1) Restaurante Stack

Located right next to the Sea Wolf Surf Hostel, the Stack restaurant has several options for seafood, meat and vegetarian dishes. The flagship is the buffet, but they also work with lunchboxes and made-to-order dishes.

Prices: R$18,00 to R$50,00 per person

2) Restaurante Recanto dos Girassóis:

This restaurant is also one of the favorites of the people at Sea Wolf Surf Hostel. With homemade and very delicious cuisine, the house serves dishes made with several protein options and also vegetarian dishes. In the end we still get a homemade candy.

Prices: R$25,00 to R$40,00 per person

3) Quiosque Silva

Located right in front of the Sea Wolf Surf Hostel, Kiosque Silva offers hamburgers and also prepared dishes, all of them very well prepared and very tasty. Prices are very affordable and the snack is well served.

Prices: R$15,00 to R$45,00 per person

4) Restaurante Dois Irmãos

The Dois Irmãoes restaurant has been in Barra da Lagoa for many years and is well known by tourists who visit the place. With a menu that offers several local spices, focused mainly (but not only) on seafood, the place offers a privileged view of Praia da Barra da Lagoa, as it is located directly on the seafront. The values, although a little higher, are not absurd and all dishes are very well served.

Prices: R$45,00 to R$95,00 per person.

5) Restaurante Maria Maria

Azorean food restaurant with great seafood options and a fair price for what is served.

Prices: from R$50,00 per person

6) Rancho da Canoa

Did you save some money to enjoy a delicious local cuisine? Here is your place, dear! Rancho da Canoa is among the best restaurants in Florianópolis and really leaves this impression on those who visit it.

Prices: from R$70,00 per peson


Let's go to the part of the day where people most appreciate the local cuisine. It is when the sun goes down that Brazilians go out into the street and seek a culinary refuge that lives up to their expectations. So let's start with our dear Barra da Lagoa and its gastronomic gems.


1) Restaurante Recantinho