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The Best Beaches to Visit on the Coast of Santa Catarina

The coast of Santa Catarina is famous for its enchanting landscapes, quality of life, and above all, stunning beaches!

There are so many options that there is a perfect beach for every person, whether you are looking for relaxation with your feet in the sand, contact with nature, safety and tranquility, or extreme sports.

For surf enthusiasts, it's no different! The coast of Santa Catarina has the best beaches for those who love direct contact with the sea through the sport and offers all the necessary infrastructure to welcome tourists from around the world!

Want to know more? Then check out the list of must-visit beaches for surfers on the coast of Santa Catarina!

The Best Surf Beaches on the Coast of Santa Catarina

Praia Mole

Praia Mole is known for regularly hosting surf championships due to its strong waves.

Due to its association with surfing and championships, Praia Mole is very popular and attracts a large number of young people, parties, bars, restaurants, and a lot of fun, making it perfect for those who enjoy the bustling atmosphere, especially during the summer!

Praia da Joaquina

One of the most well-known beaches in Florianópolis, Praia da Joaquina has hosted the World Surfing Championship!

It is a beach that offers consistent waves formed under various conditions, making it one of the busiest beaches in the capital.

Also known as "Joaca," its waves can reach up to ten feet, forming incredible walls and tubes, which attracts some professionals from the state to train there. Without a doubt, Joaca is an amazing beach for those who want to venture into surfing!

Praia do Campeche

Known as a place for various water sports, Praia do Campeche is one of the most visited beaches on the coast of Santa Catarina! The location attracts many surfers and kitesurfers to enjoy its magnificent waves.

Campeche also hosts several concerts during the summer and offers many options for activities along the shore. For those who enjoy the sand, the beach has over 120 hectares of white sand dunes protected by the local Natural Heritage, with well-preserved nature.

Praia do Moçambique

With its lush nature, Praia do Moçambique has no buildings and is perfect for those who want a closer contact with nature, full of tranquility and contemplation.

The beach stretches for 13.5 km with soft, white sand and is part of the Rio Vermelho National Park, a natural reserve with over 400 square kilometers and abundant native vegetation.

As a natural beach without infrastructure, it attracts few visitors. Its waves predominantly attract surfers looking for perfect waves, making it an ideal beach to experience nature and enjoy the sea!

Praia Brava

Big waves and plenty of nature in this piece of paradise located on the coast of Santa Catarina. The sea at Praia Brava, as the name suggests, is quite aggressive and not recommended for beginners, but for experienced surfers, it is an excellent choice!

Due to its breathtaking beauty, the place gets crowded during the high season, with a lot of activity, even though it is one of the more remote beaches. The beach has good infrastructure with bars, restaurants, tourist attractions, and plenty of entertainment.

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